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Aine Comics

the artist must die


Anna "Aine" Crabtree is the creation earth-mother goddess of an alternate universe. They worship her by sacrificing innocents so that the wicked may flourish and prolong the dramatic tension, thereby keeping ratings up.
She's spent the last few years wondering how the only fame she's received is because of her comics, when her big talent is supposed to be writing.

Anna was one of the staff cartoonists for the University of Alabama's Crimson White somewhere around 2003-2005. At which time they decided they only wanted to publish things that weren't funny. She took 8th best cartoonist at the 2004 Southeastern Journalism Conference. A piece of paper says so.

She has contributed some comics to

Anna currently works for Digital Radiance, writing the story for their face-meltingly awesome video game.
She probably should have been born in Japan, though. Oh well.

Currently reading: Farenheit 451, Catch-22.
Currently gaming: Final Fantasy XII (again), World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero.
Best Final Fantasy character rename: Typo-39 (for Aerith)
Want to meet: Yoko Kanno, Brad Bird, Tara Strong.

The Team:
laptop: Persephone
iPod: Haru
car: Mia
commonplace books: scratchbook, Fallen Book, Red Book, Youko, Curio, brit/book, EIKOU, and the Cavalry, consecutively.



All art and characters copyright Aine 2003-2008